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Through The
Heal With Love Foundation
Because No One Should Ever Have To Choose
Between  Paying The Bills or Saving a Life.

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There are more than 85,000 people waiting for a kidney transplant nationwide. 

Some people wait 5 years  for a kidney.

Some Die Waiting

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Number of donors supported to date = 35
Amount disbursed = $22,261.93
JL - Illinois
LA - Florida
DG - Michigan
DB - Michigan
AM - Texas
AEM - Michigan
MC - Michigan
TM - California
CL - New Jersey
TO - Pennsylvania
MF - California
MV - Illinois
AB - Rhode Island
JJ - Tennessee

JK - Illinois
JC - New Mexico
SP - South Carolina
BS - Minnesota
DP - Maryland
FC - Arizona
MS - Michigan
OE - South Carolina
JF - California
DM - Ohio
LP - Pennsylvania
TH - Nevada
ER - Washington
GA - New Jersey
SS - Texas
PG - Illinois
CT - Ohio
SG - California
SD - Massachusetts
CS - Michigan
KI - Ohio
RS - Connecticut