Support Living Organ Donors
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Heal With Love Foundation
Because No One Should Ever Have To Choose
Between  Paying The Bills or Saving a Life.
 Heal With Love Foundation
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While not everyone can donate an organ, we can all help support someone else who can. 

 Please consider giving to those who give the gift of life to others.
25 year recipient, Jeff Anderson, shows off just how close he and his brother, Scott, are! 
My name is Rinku Shrestha and donated my Liver to my son. Being real parents when you save a life to your own kid by doing Donor. Anyone can have a child and call themselves “parent". "A real parent is someone who puts that child above their own selfish needs and wants". Later don't be regret "DONATE LIFE". "Thanks to "Heal With Love Foundation”. God Bless!  

Best Regards,
My husband and I would like to thank you for the financial blessing you sent us.  My husband, Deylyne McCampbell, donated his left kidney to his father on June 3rd.  The kidney is working perfectly!!  My father-in-law is doing wonderful!! My husband is healing and each day getting stronger.  We have adopted 9 children and this was something the Lord laid on my husband's heart to do for his dad.  I am a stay at home mom as our children have some special needs.  With my husband being off work for two months without pay, your gift was a huge blessing to our family.  We live on faith and God always provides.  Thank you for your contribution in this amazing journey.
I have posted before pictures, pictures of my husband with his surgeon, Dr. Baron (Loma Linda), and an after photo of both my husband and his father.
God Bless,
Deylyne & Darcey McCampbell